10 September 2015

The Decline of Grammar? WTF!

A couple of days ago, my friend Rolf and his out-of-town brother Dan and I decided to have brunch together. I was reading the printed version of The Decline of Grammar from PBS web at the café before the brothers showed up. Dan asked me what I was reading. After I showed him my paper, he took out a pen and wrote right next to the title: “WTF!”

I laughed out loud but did not expect Dan would joke like this because he does not seem to be your typical young hipster uttering urban slang over brunch. He is a professor at a prestigious university in his forties, and for Christ’s sake, he has a MFA from Columbia University! WTF!

Later that day when I got home, I looked up Urbandictionary.com to find out other words related to “wtf”: rofl lmao wth ftw omfg stfu sex stupid noob … Then I got anxious since other than “sex” and “stupid” I did not recognize the rest on that list. Am I really living in the rotten age of grammar and language? Or am I far out of touch with reality? WTF is going on here? I asked myself. Continue reading